7 Hot Wedding Trends for 2017

Furry Friends
Animal lovers take note: the hottest wedding guests have four legs and super soft coats. From dogs to donkeys, couples are incorporating more than just their pets into their wedding.

2017 Wedding Trends
Photo by Alla Frost

Translucent Cakes
Not quite frosted, not quite bare, the almost-naked cake is a perfect blend of two styles, and ideal for a less formal celebration.

2017 Wedding Trends
The Knot

Give your guests an evening they won’t soon forget with unparalleled entertainment. Think outside the box!

2017 Wedding Trends

This playful trend is an awesome way to get your friends, family and co workers mingling.

2017 Wedding Trends
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Planning Virtually
When it comes to wedding decor, couples are looking up for inspiration. Millennials are all about instant gratification, so they want their wedding planning right at their fingertips at any given moment.

2017 Wedding Trends

Feeling Charitable
In a shift that focuses more on giving than getting, couples are embracing charity registries, which allows guests to make a donation in their honor.

2017 Wedding Trends

Gift Lounges
This trend takes those welcome gift bags for your guests to the next level. Set up a gift lounge in the hotel where your guests are staying and let them go to town.

2017 Wedding Trends