Kid-O-Bunk: Is it a bunk? Is it a bench? Is it a single cot? It’s ALL 3!

Functional and fun, the new Kid-O-Bunk offers a mobile sleep and seating solution for kids on the go. Slumber parties, summer camps or simply going to visit grandparents, your kids will be rest assured, comfortable and the envy of everyone with this new bunkable sleep system that was originally invented by a dad and engineered by a son.

The one person, no-tool, no-screw and no-bolt assembly is simple and quick to assemble, offering one solution with many versatile options – so you get to choose. By simple action the bunk can be configured to two single cots during the night or a sitting bench during the day. Make it a bunk,  a bench, or a single cot for kids.

Available in great cool colors that appeal to both boys and girls ages 7-12 years old, order yours now!

Pretty neat, isn’t it?